Because I had a pretty rough day at work, and I’m seriously not looking forward to tomorrow…but yet, I don’t want to hash it all out here tonight, I’ll do this instead.

Amy tagged me for this one!
Here’s the RULES:

Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules in your post.

Share 7 random/weird facts about yourself.

  1. I have an ‘eye thing’. Things near my eyes freak me the hell out. I say it’s because when I was a teenager, I looked up at my friend in time to see her stick a tiny suction cup thingy to her eyeball (hard contact). OMG. In 2001, my oldest child scratched my eye really, really badly…when my hubby finally convinced me to see a doc two days later, it took him, the doc, and two nurses to hold me down for him to look at it. Seriously! I have gotten a little better…I wear contact lenses…but I only have to go near my eyes every couple weeks to change them.
  2. I’m really weird about spelling. See…misspelled words bug me…a LOT. I will never tell YOU that I spied a misspelled word in something you wrote, because, well, that would be rude…but chances are the little red pen in my head is making huge imaginary circles around it, just like the teacher used to! And to think, the Spelling Queen married the King of Bad Spellers.
  3. If you are easily annoyed, don’t let me hold a pen around you. I will click you to death. Or I might just drum it on the nearest thing to me. Yes, my coworkers yell at me a lot to stop it. I have even caught myself clicking my pens in my scrub pocket…
  4. I don’t let different foods “touch” on my plate. If they touch, I won’t eat that part. Drives my family crazy.
  5. I LOVE pouring ranch dressing all over chicken strips, but don’t dare put it on my salad.
  6. My eyes tend to change colors. They are ‘supposed’ to be blue, but people have told me they are green and even gray a lot.
  7. My dream vehicle is a silver Jeep Wrangler. I’m currently waiting for the day my kids are out of their boosters so I can get one. Until then, my Silver Liberty will suffice.

Tag 7 random people at the end of your blog and link to their blogs.

I’m not tagging anybody at the moment, might do that later. Too tired!


One thought on “Tagged

  1. I’m a spelling freak too and I’m pretty sure my husband ranks up there on the bad speller list. Sometimes he just doesn’t pay attention..one time he wrote I Love Yuo on a card. LOL.
    I don’t let foods touch on my plate either!

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