The weekend that was…

I’ve been trying to sit down for a bit and write something here…but every time I got a moment to do that, I’d sit here and everything that I had wanted to write completely left my mind! I feel like I’ve had a bit of ADD or something this past few days, flitting from one thing to another and rarely getting anything actually done.

Friday morning, I followed three school buses full of 4 year olds to the pumpkin patch for my daughter’s field trip. It was a lot of fun, but she eventually started being a bit of a pain near the end of the trip, because she wanted to do what she wanted and not wait for the class to do it.

Field Trip

That evening, my nephews came over for a while for their Uncle Gi to put their makeup on for Halloween. They had seen how my son was made up for his vampire costume, and just HAD to have theirs done. I’m not even quite sure what they were supposed to be, but they definitely looked creepy. We did a little trick or treating, and then spent the rest of the night at my in-laws house…they always make a huge pot of chili and all our friends stop by to eat. It was definitely needed that night, it was so unbelievably cold! I ended up wrapping my jacket around my daughter to keep her warm, so I was frozen solid by the time we made it back to the in-laws house.


Saturday was relatively lazy. I didn’t do anything. Really. I felt a little run down, and my husband took my son to a birthday party and me and my Diva took a nap most of the afternoon.

Today after church, it was a very much needed trip to the grocery store, and then it was home to get caught up on everything I didn’t do yesterday…four loads of laundry (which is still in process), cleaning up all the make up mess from the bathroom counter, straightening up the rest of the house, and combing through the candy to decide what to keep and what to toss out (not a hard job, since what they did get was pretty decent candy.)

At the moment, I’m catching up on my DVR shows…gotta make room for more!


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