She wants them just like me…

After seeing the earrings that my husband gave to me last night, my daughter has been telling me that she wants earrings too. She has said this before, but she always lets it go and I don’t push the issue. But she is still talking about it today, and really seems to want this.

I have a lot of friends (okay, most of them) with little girls who had their ears pierced as babies. I very well might have had Diva’s ears pierced when she was a baby, but her troubles with ear infections started when she was just over three months old. She had so much trouble and pain with them, I didn’t want to potentially add more to it with earrings. Once she was over all that trouble, she had gotten into the stage where everything she touched went directly to her mouth, and I was worried that she would get the earrings out and eat them!

So I eventually said that I would only have my daughter’s ears pierced when she asked for them to be. That’s what my mother did with me, when I was about 6 or 7 Mama said I begged her to let me get my ears pierced, and she did. A year later, I had to have a minor “surgery” on the left ear because the tiny back to my favorite butterfly earrings had somehow gotten into my ear. (Best I can tell, I wore them ALL THE TIME, and the back stayed so close to my ear that over time it got pushed into the hole.) Basically, the doctor had to cut open my ear lobe to remove the tiny back and sew it back up. I was about 12 before I asked to have my ears pierced again! Because I left my earrings out for a good long while when I was pregnancy with my son, the holes grew up, and I went years without earrings. I just got them pierced again last March, and that was about the time Diva started asking about them for herself occasionally.

I have explained to her how ears are pierced, and I made sure to tell her that it does hurt a little when its done. She still wants to do it. So we might be making a trip to the mall tomorrow to possibly get her ears pierced…


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