The Love Dare, day three

Day Three: Love is Not Selfish. The Dare was to buy your spouse something that says, “I was thinking of you today.” This one was easy for me…but I admit that I cheated a little, because in skimming the book when I bought it this was the chapter that I first saw. I actually bought something for him on Tuesday and held onto it, while browsing a book fair my eyes immediately landed on a cook book. Not just any cook book, it was a Rachael Ray cook book. I bought it for him. I know, how cheesy, right? But if you really knew my husband, you’d know that the man loves to cook and he loves Rachael Ray. He spent the next hour after I gave it to him reading it and trying to figure out what he would make first! He got me some of my favorite stuff from Bath & Body Works and a few pairs of earrings…super sweet, because he knows how much a Iove that sort of stuff!


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