Been a rough day…

I so totally overslept this morning…as in I opened my eyes and looked at the clock at exactly the time I am usually clocking in at work!! I rushed around and managed to clock in right at 7:30 am. Got straight to work and stayed busy until just after lunch.

First thing after I got to work, my MIL called my cell to let me know that my daughter had coughed most of the night and was congested. She took her on to school, but the school nurse called me at 9 am and told me that she was coughing a lot, really hoarse and congested, and kept laying her head down on her desk saying she didn’t feel good. She didn’t have any fever at that time. I said one way or another, either me or her grandmother would  come get her. After several phone calls back and forth, she finally said she was able to go get her, and if I got an appointment she would take her to the doctor. She called me after lunch, and said that Diva had a sinus infection, he was giving her an antibiotic and wanted me to start her breathing treatments again. Okay. I wasn’t too concerned at the time.

Well, I get to her house to pick up the kids, and Diva had recently spiked a 102 fever. She is still coughing pretty bad, but I just don’t feel like this is just a sinus infection. I’m going to keep her home with me tomorrow anyway, and if I think I need to talk to the doctor again I most certainly will.

On the bright side, my human furnace got home tonight. I have missed him so much!


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