The day so far

I kept my daughter home from school today. She never ran fever again last night, but did have a hard time getting to sleep (either from the coughing or the multiple naps she took during the day). We have had an alright day so far; no fever yet, but she just hit 99.8 so I went ahead and gave her some Tylenol. We’ve got one breathing treatment done so far, and that was a struggle…she’s kinda to that point where she has done that so much that she fights me on it. I have to watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn’t push the mask off her face or that she is sucking her thumb under the mask.

At the moment, she is watching a little bit of Nick Jr. and yelling out that she wants every cotton pickin’ toy that she sees on the commercials. I remember now why I don’t like the kids watching Nickelodeon


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