After Twilight

So. I just got back from seeing Twilight.

Let me preface this by saying that I did like the movie, and I will very quickly snap up the DVD when it comes out. But…

I was a little disappointed. Its very likely that I have built this movie way up in my head and there’s no way it could ever live up to my high expectations with the budget they had to work with. That said, I did go into it with a bit of a bad taste because of some of the people we had to share the theater with, standing in line for half an hour between numerous teeny boppers (one of them spilled popcorn on me and then acted like it was my fault for standing there) is not my idea of fun. Our theater was sold out too, so there was a LOT of people crowded in one place for a while.

I did NOT like Jasper at all. I loved Bella and Edward together. I really liked Charlie, and I wasn’t expecting that. The sparkly skin was fine, but the tinkling noise that went along with it was a little over the top. I really didn’t like Bella in the hospital scene. I absolutely LOVED the baseball game scene…it helped that the song by Muse is one that I have always really liked. I understand that they can’t keep everything that’s in the book in the movie or it would be like 5 hours long, but parts of it just felt rushed to me and there wasn’t much character development for some of the people.

As the credits started to roll, all we could hear was a ton of teenaged girls screaming. My ears are still ringing…


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