The Love Dare, day five

Partly related to my husband’s recent business trip, me working, and our daughter getting sick this week, we kinda let the Love Dare challenges slip by us the last few days. So we are picking back up with them now.

Day Five: Love Is Not Rude. The Dare was to ask your spouse to tell you three things that cause them to be uncomfortable or irritated with you. Hmm… This one is a biggie. There was once upon a time that I could have literally filled up page after page of things that JB did that irritated me, and I’m pretty sure he probably could have done the same about me. I guess the fact that we actually had a difficult time coming up with three things that irritated us about the other person shows just how far we have come this year. We both only managed two things. My tendency to sleep in on my days off is one thing that bugs him; sounds kinda nitpicky, but when I sleep in I REALLY sleep in. This is usually because I normally don’t get a whole lot of sleep during the night most of the time. My big thing with him was his tendency to be rather messy. I’m not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, but clothes all over the place and the kitchen counter that I rarely see soon after I clean it has always bugged me. The other thing that we both came up with was very similar…about listening and communication, but we also agreed that that is better now than it used to be.


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