The Love Dare, Day 6

Day 6: Love is not Irritable. The Dare is to react to tough things in your marriage in loving ways instead of being irritated about them. We were to make a list of areas in our lives that we need to add margin to. Really and truly, I think that we have essentially done this already. A while back, JB was very, very overscheduled with just about everything…work, Cub Scouts, church, and the work he got saddled with ‘after’ work. To begin with, I was happy he was doing more with our son’s Cub Scouts, and that he was teaching at church twice a week. I was never happy about all the extra trips he got sent on or the fact that we couldn’t seem to have one night together without somebody from work calling him. All too soon, it felt like he was never home, since he was gone three evenings a week teaching or doing the Scout thing. Not that big of a deal until you factor in that I have a crazy work schedule and by the time he got home I was going to bed. Eventually, it all started to wear on him too. So after our rough summer, he put an end to some of his scheduling conflicts, stopped answering his phone after work hours, and we started making more time to spend together.

The only other thing that we both agreed we need some breathing room on is our financial situation, but we’ve pretty much taken care of that too. We closed on our re-finance last week, and this weekend we are going to sit down and figure out which accounts we will pay off and close with the money we got from the closing. That will be a lot of breathing room all on its own!


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