Another day, another trip to the doctor

I took my daughter back to the doctor this morning. She was previously being treated for a sinus infection, but I never really felt like that was “it”. She finished her antibiotic on Saturday, and while there has been no more fever and no more yucky runny nose, she has continued to cough and hack and it sounds awful…like that kinda cough that makes your whole body hurt. She mostly acts like she feels fine, but I know that cough is wearing her down.

Yesterday, I had already made the appointment for her to be seen when I ran into her doctor at work. I talked to him about her and what was going on, and he was willing to call in some meds for her. He does this often for me so I don’t always have to  take her to the office, and since most of the time I know just what is going on with her. But this cough that she has right now just made me feel uneasy. I’ve done this mom gig long enough to know the difference between a croupy cough, an asthma cough, a no big deal tickle cough, and usually, a bronchitis cough. Lord knows my daughter has had them all many times in her four years. “Sinus infection” never sit right with me, and there he was, offering to call something in for her, thereby saving me a trip to the doctor, and I just flat out told him that it would make me feel so much better if he would listen to her, and that something was telling me this wasn’t just a run of the mill illness she had.

So. To the doctor we went this morning. It took a while before he was able to see her, and I had only heard her cough once since she’d woken up this morning…so I was getting paranoid that there wasn’t anything wrong with her and second guessing myself. She never coughed while he was in the room, but he listened to both lungs and got wide eyed when he got to the right side…and listened a little longer. Then he straightened up and said, “You’re right, she’s not moving much air on that right side.” Basically, the left side sounds slightly junky, but essentially okay. The upper right side sounds more junky, but its the  lower lobe that is diminished and therefore the problem. Pneumonia.

We now have a different, stronger antibiotic, an oral steroid (which I usually try to avoid if possible because after a couple days she acts like a holy terror monster), and refills for her nebulizers (because after a week of doing them every four hours every day, we were running low.)

It’s gonna be a long weekend…literally.


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