Happy Thanksgiving

Well, to be honest, my Thanksgiving will be tomorrow. I am unfortunate enough to have to work the holidays this year, so we are having to plan our time around me working. I did manage to get off work at 4 pm, so that was good. But all I did was come home and take Diva off of my husband’s hands a while and then we both took a nap.

It has been a while (as in a couple years) since she last had to take the oral steroid that she is on now. I remember very clearly that after a couple days on it, she began acting like a little monster, and at first I had no clue what the heck was wrong with her until I mentioned it to her doctor! So we try to avoid that and use it as a last resort when possible. But with pneumonia, there was no avoiding it. I gave her the first dose after we got home yesterday, and by nightfall she was acting up. We gave her the second dose before bedtime. That’s when the real “fun” started.

The child DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL last night. I am serious, people. AT ALL. Let me repeat, not one single minute. I know this because my husband and I got extremely little sleep because of of it. Bless him, he tried to get up with her most of the time because he knew I needed to sleep for work today, but I still woke up every time anyway. She played, sang, screamed, cried, refused to walk to the bathroom on her own, you name it, she probably did it. When I got up at 5:30 am to go to work, I heard her singing in her bedroom.

My family met me for lunch today. She had still not gone to sleep. By the time they left, I could see the big dark circles under her eyes. She had still not slept when I got home this afternoon. Eventually, I crashed on the couch, and J. saw she was wearing down, and he put her on the couch with me. I slept about an hour, she blessedly slept for three glorious hours. She’s a much happier kid now.

I’m really hoping tonight is not a repeat…


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