Catch Up

It is now December, and I’m kinda wondering how it crept up on me!

Diva is doing much, much better. She was still coughing a bit a couple days after Thanksgiving, but I gave her last steroid dose to her Friday morning. It took her a couple days to really wind down from that, and I had to keep telling myself that it was the steroid that was making her act so monstrous. She is still on her antibiotic at the moment, and I think she has just resigned herself to taking it…she’s no longer fighting us about not wanting to take it because it tastes bad, at least.

JB and I went to her school today for her teacher conference. She got a mostly glowing report! We were able to actually see through her work and drawings just how far she has come since August. The teacher said there are still days every now and then when Diva’s stubborn streak rears its head, but she has figured out how to get around it.  She is very musical and loves to dance, and therefore she learns a lot by rhyming, songs and dances in school. That would totally explain her singing the spelling of her name all the time!

We put up our Christmas decorations Friday night. We have the inside of the house done, but not the outside yet (the day JB planned to do that, he instead had to go decorate and put lights up on his parents’ house.) So ours has not been done, and that’s a whole other story that I don’t wanna get into! Monkey helped a lot with the Christmas tree, putting on ornaments as I took them out of the boxes, and even helping his little sister with putting her ornaments on. They did a good job this year, since there’s no branches that were loaded down with things!

We took our family pictures on Saturday. Well, it ended up being just a couple family pics and then pics of the kids mostly…but I did manage to get one that I liked enough for our Christmas card this year. I normally just use one of the kids pictures for that, but JB insisted on using a family photo this year. They are all posted on my Flickr site. Still working on the card part…

Family Picture, 2008


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