Playin' around

My husband and I decided that this year, we would focus on everyone else for Christmas and not so much on ourselves.  Then again, we have said before, NO Gifts for each other, or only one small gift for each other…but it never really works out that way.

Then we decided that our gift to each other would be a Wii. Silly, I know! Our son has a PS2 that stays in his room, but everybody I know that has a Wii just loves them, and we’ve been wanting one for a while.

Well, my husband was in a toy store Thursday, and went ahead and picked one up. It got the best of us, and we hooked it up. I played  it late into that night, and then Friday too. Bowling and tennis are my favorite games so far. Then Friday night, my son wanted me to show him how to play baseball.

At this particular moment, my shoulder is really, really aching….but Wii love to play!


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