Home Visit

Well, the home health nurse came out this afternoon to get my husband started on his treatment. He handled the needle well (it was a tiny butterfly needle!) and his only complaint throughout the whole thing was the metallic taste he got in his mouth after a few minutes of the med running.

I think I might have made the nurse a little nervous…we were talking and my husband said something about me working, and she glanced at me and asked if I was a nurse. I told her that I was, but it wasn’t something that I generally volunteer to say in personal medical situations because I have found that sometimes, people’s attitudes towards me change. I just said that I didn’t like it when that happens. After that, she sorta fumbled her way through getting the IV set up. I really wasn’t paying too much attention to what she was doing, but then I heard her say that the IV was good but not running like it was supposed to. I looked up at it, and saw that it was dripping very slow…and then my eyes followed the tube down and I saw a definite air line. She had forgotten to completely prime the tube. I was about to say something, and apparently she saw what I was looking at and quickly unhooked everything and primed it the way it was supposed to be done. (I told JB that tomorrow he needs to make sure he sees the fluid drip from the end of the tube BEFORE it is attached to his IV!)

He is already feeling a little better. The leg is still hurting, but between the IV med and the med they called into the pharmacy (which helps nerve pain) its not as bad. He is getting around much better with his cane now too. He even put in to go with me to pick up the kids, probably just to get out of the house.)


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