Uh oh

I have a feeling it’s not gonna be a good day. My husband woke me up this morning saying that he couldn’t move his leg. At all.

And here we are, just 11 days away from the 4 year mark of the day we were told he had multiple sclerosis…four years ago, after weeks of numbness and tingling in his legs, one arm/hand and countless tests, he was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For us, the weeks leading up to that were horrible, yet I know we were lucky…some people wait years to be diagnosed with it. He got started on the treatment for it the following month, and aside from the occasional mild flareup during the summer months, he has done really well. In fact, most people don’t even know he has it…until they see him walking with a cane some random days when his leg is bothering him, and then they ask.

He was fine last night, or at least he seemed to be. From what he has told me the numb tingly feeling never goes away, and he describes it as the feeling you get when your foot “falls asleep” and the way it tingles (pins and needles) when its “waking up”. So yes, now every time that happens to me I think about him having that feeling all the time.

He always avoids the question when I ask him, but I have suspected for some time that he hasn’t been taking his medication the way he should. It’s an every other day subcutaneous shot that he gives himself…only he’s terrified of needles. He always did better with it than I thought he would, but I knew he hated it. There just really aren’t any meds for MS out there that aren’t injections. He was so desperate to get off the injections that he wanted to participate in a drug trial for an oral med, but when I read up on it, it scared the hell out of me and I wouldn’t let him do it. A few months later was when I started wondering if he was still taking the injections, but he just waves off the question and never really gives me a straight answer.

I’ve already gotten the kids off to school, he’s already made the necessary calls to work, and we managed to find two canes that served as makeshift crutches, enough to get him out of the bed for a few minutes. Heaven knows I’m not going to be much help if he has to depend on me to hold him up. Now we are just waiting for the neuro’s office to open up so we can get him in to see the doc today.

And I guess we’ll go from there.


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