Wait and See

It’s been a long few days.

That stubborn man that I married decided to take it upon himself yesterday, while I was working, to drive himself to his office for the day. I was furious when I found that out, because I thought we agreed that he should stay home and rest. At some point during the day, he spoke with his neurologist…who told him that he would get his last treatment today, and if his condition didn’t improve over the weekend, they would possibly look at getting him admitted to the hospital for more testing.

Only…that’s not the way my husband explained it to me, and he quickly got off the phone without really clarifying what he was talking about. So I was left the rest of the day at work worrying and wondering what the heck was going to happen. I had myself a good little unexpected cry when I was talking to one of my friends that I work with, but it didn’t really make me feel much better, because I still didn’t really understand what was happening.

By the time I got off work, picked the kids up from my mother’s house, and got home, I’d had plenty of time to fume about him not staying home to rest like I asked, driving all over creation with a bum leg, and not telling me the truth (or most of it) about what the doctor said to him. I didn’t say much at all throughout supper, and after that I immediately got up and started cleaning the kitchen. (One way to tell if I’m good and ticked off is if you see me storming around cleaning everything in sight.) So he knew I was upset.

I finally blurted out, in slightly more verbal and at times colorful language, that if he wanted to screw around with his health that was one thing, but I wasn’t about to sit around and watch him do it. I told him that I knew he’d been stretching the truth about taking his medication, and that I had known for months he wasn’t taking it like he was supposed to. I demanded he tell me everything the doctor said to him about what was going on. He finally did, and agreed to go back on the medication again…by the way, I found out last night he definitely stopped taking it way back in June!!

So basically, I guess you could say we had a meeting of the minds last night. By the time it was over, I was in tears and frankly, I was just drained. I decided to go on into work today, and he let me know this morning that he was getting around the house alright. I got off work early so that I can pick the kids up from school…and he wasn’t here. Turns out, he’s at the office again. I didn’t pitch a fit because he said he’s feeling a little better, but I guess I’m not really “getting” why he had someone bring his stuff to him Wednesday night so he could work from home, if he was gonna go to the stupid office anyway.

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