Busy Week

Alrighty. Well, we didn’t have any hospitalizations or anything like that this week, so that was good. The IV treatments seemed to have done the trick, mostly…he’s still getting tired faster than usual. He’s planning to get started back on his every-other-day medication that he was supposed to be taking all along (but suddenly quit taking over the summer.) but we have to wait until he gets a new batch of medicine in.

Both of my kiddos were Good Citizens for their classes this month. Unfortunately, we didn’t find this out until a couple days ago, and I wasn’t able to find anybody to switch days with me at work so that I could go to the breakfast this morning. Luckily, their daddy was able to go.

It still killed me knowing that I was missing it this morning though, and I ended up having an absolutely horrible day at work today. I’m really wishing that I didn’t have to go back tomorrow…that’s how bad it really was. It was one of those days when I wondered why the heck I decided I wanted to do this job. I haven’t had too many of those kind of days, and I can’t say that I like feeling that way.

When I got home tonight, my daughter was napping on the couch. I went back to take a shower; no sooner had I turned the water off I heard my husband holler something and then I heard her crying. I threw on my pajamas and ran out to the hallway. Turns out, she woke up and felt sick…she got up but didn’t make it to the bathroom before getting sick, and she was crying and my husband was hollering for my son to grab some towels. I cleaned her up in the bathroom, while he cleaned up in the living room (that’s one thing I do NOT have the stomach for). She wouldn’t eat supper (which really didn’t surprise me, she’s not a good eater when she feels fine) and drank a few sips of her drink. She only wanted to lay down on the couch, so we let her do that for a while. I checked her temp after supper and it was okay. She never got sick again, but moped around for a while before finally conking out on the couch again. We just put her to bed. The fact that my child is actually sleeping tells me she’s not feeling good…she’s one of those rare kids that seemingly needs little to no sleep!

I can’t miss work tomorrow, so JB is staying close to the office in case he needs to pick her up. I’m really hoping she has just eaten something that didn’t agree with her and its not something more serious. She’s already missed school days a few weeks ago when she had pneumonia; I’m hoping she can make it two more days before Christmas vacation.


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