Accident Prone

I’m wondering if my kids could possibly be any more accident prone than they are? It seems like they are somehow getting hurt almost every single day. Thankfully, it usually results in nothing more than a bump or a bruise, but seriously, it is always something!

Just the other day, my husband and I were talking about some of the different scars the kids had on them. Unfortunately, my kids seem to have inherited my skin’s tendency to scar easily. (I have a little scar on my arm from the IV I had when my son was born. seriously! there are countless other little scars from various accidents/falls/chicken pox/whatever that I won’t even attempt to get into.) My son has a tiny little scar on the end of his nose, from a strange run-in with a kid’s teeth at church a few years ago. (Don’t ask, it was weird then and it’s still weird now.) He’s got a long skinny scar (that I still hope will fade) down his back from a fall off his friend’s trampoline this past summer, after which he got lectured about staying off those dang things. He’s got a big old scar on the top of one of his feet that I know will always be there since he was only four when it happened and it has never faded; he scraped the mess out of his foot when he was riding his bike with sandals on at his nanny’s house and when he put his foot down to brake, his foot slipped and his sandal came off. It was very, very difficult to get it healed up, one reason I think it scarred so bad. Lately, his problem tends to be that he seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets hurt that way.

My daughter doesn’t have too many scars on her, and the ones she does have are small and usually, we are the only ones who even realize they are there. But she is the one who is the real klutzy kid…always tripping, falling, hitting her head on this or that. It would take me way too long to go back and find all the entries in which I was writing about her almost knocking herself out on the playground, because, honestly? I don’t remember how many of them I actually wrote about! Let’s just say there’s been several times when I’ve had to do that ‘sleep in her room, check her every two hours’ thing to watch for any signs of a concussion with this kid!

Is there a reason for this rant about my accident prone children? Yep. The school nurse called a little while ago, to let me know that my ever so graceful little girl managed to fall off the slide on the playground (which didn’t do any harm) and proceeded to connect her face to the bar while getting up. She has a bruise now on her cheek, and they were putting ice on it as we spoke on the phone. At least she wasn’t crying…she’s getting to be one tough little cookie…


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