Holidays end

Whew…we had a very good Christmas here, and honestly, I am still trying to clean up after all the chaos. That would be the reason for the lack of any posts this week. As much as I was looking forward to Christmas, I’m glad it’s over and done with for the year! In a few days I’ll work on getting the tree and all the decorations taken down and put away…just not up to it at the moment.

Christmas was not without its drama, of course. I decided that this year, the best thing for me to do is just bite my tongue, instead of blurting out the first thing that comes to my mind when something happens that really burns me up. Granted, there were a few moments when I came *this* close to biting my tongue completely off…but well, I kept the peace this year. Some fights are just not worth the trouble.

At the moment, I’m getting all the laundry done…it’s taken me two days, because of all the new stuff we got! I’m supposed to work tomorrow, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I’ll be called off.


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