The year in review

I usually like to do these year in review posts when we are coming up on a new year. This year it wasn’t so much fun to do. I’m glad 2008 is almost over, because honestly, it is going down in my book as one of the worst I’ve ever had, and I’m not sorry to see it go. It started out rough, and thankfully ended well…but I consider the first 8 months or so of 2008 to be bad enough that I wouldn’t mind losing most of the memories of them altogether. The exceptions would be my kids’ birthdays, and the two trips I had during that time frame…but otherwise, I’d happily forget it all. Even my birthday this year pretty much sucked, and I didn’t even say that when I hit 30! And unfortunately, I had to deal with more than my fair share of liars, backstabbers, and non-friends this year, because it seemed like these types of people kept coming at me from every direction.

But 2008 wasn’t a total loss, it started looking up mid August and kept on going! And I learned that I am very blessed; with real friends who really care about me, they kept me going when I didn’t want to; with a wonderful family, who patiently guide me back into the real world when I have my head stuck in the clouds; and with a wonderful husband who understands me and knows that I go off the deep end from time to time, and still loves me. I’m definitely looking forward to the new year, because it can only be better.

January: The year started out for me with doctor’s visits, trips to the hospital for tests, and lots of pain and frustration. Gallbladder issues, which eventually cleared up on its own…but ironically, this last week I’ve started suspecting the problem is flaring up again. I was also actively looking for a new job, which didn’t work out the way I initially wanted, but I decided to stay put for a while.

February: The gallbladder problem had cleared up, but I spent most of the month sick with bronchitis and a sinus infection. My little boy turned 7 years old.

March: As if spending the first two months of the year sick wasn’t bad enough, my daughter and I both got the flu in March. Mine wasn’t an especially bad case, since I realized what it was quickly and got some medication going fast. I also started working on getting my baby girl ready for her Pre-K start. My son had his first real spend the night at at a friends house.

April: I turned 29 (again). Yep…thats about it for April.

May: This month’s highlights were movies and lunch dates with friends, and of course, the girls beach trip!!

June: Yeah, June pretty much sucked, and I’d personally like to block it from memory.

July: I didn’t write a single thing in July! But I do remember that my baby girl turned 4 years old this month, and we had a wonderful trip to Daytona over the holiday weekend.

August: Our daughter was getting in trouble at school. This month was rather gloomy, partly because of the weather was horrible.

September: After a difficult year, we celebrated our 9th anniversary, with a trip to Savannah. The beginning of the month was rough because we were both sick enough to end up in the ER…he had a sinus infection/food poisoning, and I supposedly had a sinus infection, though I don’t think that’s what it was.

October: Lotsa Halloween parties! My son and I both ended up with the dreaded pink eye the first part of the month.

November: Our little girl stayed sick much of this month, ranging from sinus infection, ear infection, and finally pneumonia. It took her a while to get better! The movie I had been waiting for months to see finally opened, Twilight! Our daughter also got her ears pierced.

December: My husband had a flare up of his MS. My son’s school chorus had their first official program, and of course, Christmas!


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