My Little Lovely

JeepYep…it’s all mine, baby!! I have been wanting a Wrangler for ages, but it was not exactly practical for me to get one with two small kids. (And just like I have been telling my husband ever since they came out…I just don’t like the 4 door models.) So my plan was to hold off until the kids were out of car/booster seats, and then I would get one.

We had been sorta kinda pricing them for a while. Saturday afternoon, on the way home from a birthday party, my husband drove by a car lot and pulled in. There were two Wranglers, a silver one with a soft top, and a black one with a hard top. I tend to gravitate to silver, for the simple fact that it’s more difficult to tell when they are dirty. (I’m not much for washing cars these days.) So we first test drove the silver one. I liked it pretty well until we got on the highway, and then I just could not stand all the wind noise. When we got back to the car lot, I asked the salesman how much it would be to get the hardtop, and did it really cut down on the wind noise. He suggested I test drive the black one, with the hard top, and see for myself.

So we got in the black Jeep. A few miles down the road, I was completely in love with it, even it wasn’t silver! I started wishing that I hadn’t driven it, because then I knew I’d be heartbroken if I couldn’t get it. We got back and went inside to just talk numbers and such.

Two hours and a good bit of haggling later (dude started out trying to more than double my current payment!!), we cleaned out my Liberty and drove off in my brand new Jeep Wrangler, and with the payments we wanted. This thing is amazing, and I just keep wanting to drive it!

The kids love it. My son is just about out of his booster, without it he can easily sit in the seat and touch the floor. My daughter will obviously be in hers for a good bit longer. We even went to the grocery store today after church, and my initial fears of not having enough room for stuff like that were relieved…we fit everything in with no problem.

It actually rides so much better than my Liberty did, and at first that really surprised me. But then again, I did have my first and only wreck (not my fault!) less than three weeks after I got the Liberty, and I probably never really got used to the way it drove before the front end got all jacked up.

I’m completely in love with this Jeep!!!


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