Feeling Funky

I guess I have kinda been ignoring this place, huh? Not really, I just haven’t had all that much to say!

I’m still loving my Jeep. It is, quite frankly, the coolest thing I have ever driven. We had an issue with the dealership that finally got resolved this week; when my husband took it back to get the wash/detailing done (since it was late on Saturday evening when we finally bought it) it was determined that there was a chip in the hardtop that was not allowing it to fit properly. Where this chip came from is anyone’s guess, but they decided to go ahead and order a new hardtop. They didn’t want to do the wash & detail until they had it on. It took longer than expected to get that in, it was this past Tuesday in fact, that the new hardtop was put on my Jeep. By that time, my husband had already spent a day this past weekend washing, waxing, and cleaning it up himself (he said he’d probably do a better job than they would anyway.)

Something that we had already discovered but not really tested out yet was the fact that the stereo/GPS system also had some sort of hard drive with it. There is a USB port there, that I have yet to do anything with. Last week, I had burned a new CD to listen to, and as I was heading into town to go shopping, on a whim, I pushed the ‘copy’ button, just to see what it would do. It took a while, but it copied the entire CD to the hard drive. So then I decided to listen to that, and in doing so, I found where somebody had done the same thing with two CD’s already…I’m guessing it was whoever drove the Jeep between the dealerships. One was filled with a bunch really twangy old country songs, most of which I quickly figured out how to delete; the other was apparently a Cake CD, and I kept two of those songs. My husband and I had a ball listening to some of the stuff that was in there.

This week has been a little rough. I haven’t felt all that great all week, though I can’t honestly put my finger on what’s wrong. I might just be worn out, who knows. Monday, at work, halfway through the morning, I started having a little chest tightness and felt short of breath. It was a bit distressing at first, but as the day went on, I was breathing better but my chest still felt tight, and finally, my friend asked me if I was anxious about something. Until she’d said it, it had not even occurred to me that I actually was. So I spent the rest of the day, doing whatever I could to block that something from my mind…and amazingly, when I got in my Jeep to come home, I felt absolutely fine. Crazy how that stuff works.

But ever since then, I have just felt drained. Yesterday morning, my alarm started going off. I was already awake and thinking to myself that I really should call out, but I didn’t. A little after 5 am, they called me instead and said I was on-call. However, at 8:15 they called me back in. I dragged my exhausted, aching self in to work, fussing about it the whole time I was getting ready, and wanting to just cry because I felt so bad. Then work was absolutely HORRENDOUS, and by the end of the shift I literally felt like death warmed over. Before I finally managed to fall asleep last night, or rather, early this morning, I went ahead and called out for today. I just couldn’t do it again feeling this way.

Right this particular moment, I don’t feel so exhausted, but I have this weird dull headache that I can’t seem to make go away. I’m just hoping that I pretty much feel better by tomorrow, since my daughter has a field trip that she has her heart set on me going to…


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