There’s a cold going around this house…and apparently I started it! The bad thing is, I still seem to have it. I have felt just plain bad all week, and this is after all the mess I just got over. Now my husband is sick, and my daughter came home from school yesterday feeling bad. She seems to be okay tonight, just a little runny nose.

Yesterday was absolutely horrible at work. I came home and immediately took a shower, after bawling my eyes out to my husband about the situation that made yesterday so bad. We were watching TV last night, and had just put the kids to bed when my husband called the in-laws. He found out that his dad was having chest pain and the ambulance was there and they were trying to talk him into going to the hospital to get checked out. Yes, my father in law passed on his stubborn gene to his son as well! He went over there to try to talk some sense into his dad, and 20 minutes later he called me to let me know that he and his mother were following the ambulance to the hospital. I called my parents, who came over to stay with the kids, and my sister in law picked me up. We sat in the ER waiting room for hours, and once we knew he was okay, JB drove me home so my parents could go home. He went back to the hospital to stay with his mom and sister. When I woke up this morning, he was in the bed beside me…which surprised me. He said they sent his dad home around 4 am, saying that at some point he had a mild heart attack, but that right now his cardiac enzymes were ok. He’s got to get in to see a cardiologist asap.

So. Needless to say, with us both being half sick and exhausted from lack of sleep, it’s been pretty quiet around here today. We slept much of it. I took the kids to see their Papa this evening, and he seems okay right now.

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