Life is kicking my tail.

It’s really just par for the course, illness always runs rampant in our family this time of year. No sooner does one of us get over something, someone else has the same thing we just got over. This year has so far, proven to be no different.

As for me, I think part of my problem is that I’m just very stressed out right now. It’s mostly about work, and how I’m often dreading my scheduled days so much that I feel physically ill as I’m going to work. Like yesterday…I had to work, and I’m not crazy about working weekends when I’m not getting the money that contracted weekend people are making. That’s been a thorn in my side for years, but nothing has yet to be done about it. They were all there the day before, and it didn’t take me very long to realize that I was assigned to the cast off’s…the difficult patients that gave them trouble the day before, so lucky me, I got all of them the day I come in. I hit the ground running yesterday and didn’t stop until right at the end of the shift. It was only at 6 pm that I noticed that, hey, no wonder I’m busting my butt out here and they aren’t…I’m the only one who has 5 patients, while they have 2 and 3 each! Now what exactly about that is fair? And it wasn’t just the assignments being made unfairly. I was working with the very two people that I was praying not to have to work with, one is such a smart ass I’d rather not talk to her (which is good, because she tends to ignore me anyway.) and the other person has made a reputation for herself as the unit tattle tail, and I wouldn’t want to say anything that she might be able to twist around (which she has been known to do.) So in between me running my butt off all day, I felt extremely lonely. I’m not a major talker, but it’s hard being stuck with people for 12 hours of your day and nobody gets along.

I was very much looking forward to getting off work, coming home, and curling up with my husband and kids and just forgetting about the horrible day. Only that didn’t happen, I came home to an extremely grumpy husband, who flew off the handle at me practically the moment I walked in the door. So I took a shower, and hung out in the bedroom the rest of the night, alone. I watched a little TV, played on the computer a bit, and went to sleep. Alone. So needless to say when I woke up this morning, my mood had definitely NOT improved. Apparently, neither had his. We finally had it out after lunch, and let me tell you…we haven’t argued so much since last summer, and I can’t say that I have missed it at all. Things are okay now, thank goodness, but still abnormally quiet.


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