Such drama


I guess the main reason for me being abnormally quiet here would be all the drama that has consumed the lives of me, my husband, and our son. It has literally felt like a never ending nightmare for me, at times.

What happened? Well, my son had a bully at school.

We have been hearing this one kid’s name all year long. At first, it was more of an annoyance…he stepped on his shoes, he pushed his jacket to the floor, he stole his pencils. After school resumed after Christmas holidays, however, the kid suddenly became more physical. It wasn’t just our son, other children were involved too, but soon it seemed like the kid was focused on our child.

The last two weeks have been awful. Between my son and me, we have shed enough tears to flood the world (at least it felt that way!) Both my husband and I have had to leave work in the last week to pay visits to the school superintendents and principals just to try to get something done. Our son was scared to go to school, and I was almost afraid to send him, and I worried all day what was happening while he was there. We kept being told that we could transfer our son to a new class at any time…but we refused, because why should our child be punished when he’s done nothing wrong??

Friday, we received information that made us all breathe easier…the other child was being suspended and then moved to a different class. Tonight, at the Cub Scout dinner, a school board member asked us to sit down with him before we left and tell him everything. He agreed with us, that the option to move our son should never have been brought up, and he told us that he would be speaking to the rest of the board about the situation this coming week.

What I have written about here may not sound like much, and the truth is that, no, I’m not telling everything that has happened. Honestly, I have rehashed it out to principals, vice principals, school board members, superintendents, concerned family and friends so many times, ALL of the things that have happened to my son are permanently etched in my mind. So, suffice it to say, it was a very bad situation, and thank God we seemed to have finally reached the light at the end of this long tunnel.


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