Snow Day!

I didn’t really believe the recent weather reports from the past week, saying that we could possibly see snow in our area today. After all, the last time I saw snow was January 2002…then it was enough that I was able to get out and take pictures of it for my baby son, who was thoroughly uninterested in it all.

Imagine my surprise this morning, when my 4 year old daughter, who was standing at the window in our kitchen/dining room, suddenly yelled, “Mama! You GOT to come see this window!!” She’s never seen anything remotely resembling snow, and she had no idea what she was seeing. I made my way to the window and looked outside…my husband called out to our son, who was in his room playing video games…we all went outside to see it up close.

Of course, every little flurry melted as it hit the ground, and it stopped soon after it began…but it was fun while it lasted.

South GA Snow


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