Yesterday afternoon, I heard my daughter cough. Not her fake “Mama, I sick please give me medicine” cough, but a very real, very nasty sounding cough. With her rough respiratory history, that immediately put me on alert. I only heard it a couple more times before she went to bed, but she did something else that let me know she was definitely getting sick…she napped. Twice.

(She doesn’t nap. She decided sometime after she hit age 2 that she just didn’t have time for naps…and yes, this upset MY life greatly. Strangely enough, when my son was younger, I knew he was sick because he didn’t nap. With her, I know she’s sick when she does nap. How weird is that?)

I heard her coughing a good bit during the night. I debated waking her up and giving her a breathing treatment, but I didn’t. She woke up later than her usual sunrise time, and crawled up into bed with us this morning…and immediately coughed. Or maybe I should say that she “barked”, because that’s what it sounded more like. My husband and I quickly got up and started trying to figure out what hours the pediatrician was in office on Sundays, and by the time we found out we had to rush to get there before they locked the doors.

And as usual, the kid never coughs while she’s in the doctor’s office. He was not quite sure what to make of her at first, because he couldn’t hear the usual gunk in her lungs (which made me feel better, since the last time it was pneumonia after bronchitis), and asked me to just describe the cough. I told him that it sounded croupy to me, but after last time I didn’t want to take any chances and be wrong. Finally, she did this odd little laugh/cough thing that sounded absolutely horrible, and I said “THAT! It sounds like THAT!” Definitely croup.

So we left the office with the dreaded steroid we know all too well. The same one that we had to give her a few months ago when she had pneumonia, and she didn’t sleep for 36 hours straight! It was a good thing I didn’t give her any breathing treatments, because the type of meds we normally use for her asthma could possibly have made things worse instead of better. We made the decision to try giving her the steroid just once in the morning, instead of the twice a day routine…hoping to avoid the insomnia that almost killed us last time. The cough already sounds a little better, and she’s napping again. When she wakes up, we have an appointment in the bathroom with the shower running…lol


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