Another Rough Day

Diva is still sick. We kept her out of school again today, which I hate to do unless absolutely necessary…especially after she missed so much school in the latter part of last year. But she coughed so much and so hard last night, there was no way she was going to school. JB stayed home with her this morning, since I really had to go on into work. I did manage to get off work early, so he was able to go to a meeting and conference call this afternoon.

She was a holy terror the whole afternoon with me. I was this close to pulling my hair out! She was coughing so much and I know she felt bad. But OMG. I spent 20 minutes in the bathroom with her twice, with the shower running as hot as it would go, trying to let her breathe in the steam. It would help for a while, and then she’d be hacking again. I finally gave her some cough medicine, and that seems to have eased it a bit.

I have to work again tomorrow. JB said he’ll decide if he’ll go to work depending on how she seems to be doing in the morning. I just hate it when she feels bad, and there isn’t much that I can really do for this croup besides turn the shower on and sit with her in the steam. I can’t even do the usual breathing treatments, because it could possibly make the problem worse.

I just pray she gets over this soon.


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