Dreadful week

This week has been nothing short of difficult.

Diva was sick, and then there were the issues with her at school. I’m so glad that she is over most of it…she still has a little cough, but its nothing like it was.

Work was rough enough Tuesday and Wednesday, but Friday was just plain horrible. There were several times that day that I just stepped into the bathroom just to catch my breath, and calm myself down before I completely lost it. My husband met me for lunch, and that was the most enjoyable 45 minutes of the day for the simple fact that it got me away from the unit for a while.

I came home with a splitting headache, which carried over into today. The kids were spending the night with my parents, and JB had dinner ready when I got home. We watched a couple movies and then went to bed. We slept really late this morning, which probably didn’t help my headache much. I hated to do it, but I bailed on the baby shower I was supposed to go to, and instead we picked up the kids and went to the grocery store.

By the end of the grocery trip, I had started wishing that I had gone to the baby shower. JB was in one of his moods today. I knew that this morning, but I really thought that after we talked about it, he was fine. I guess I was wrong on that one. He was just so irritable, and snapping about everything and being rude to people. I didn’t say anything to him at all on the way home. He finally straightened up after a couple hours, and now he is acting fine.

I know what started all this, and I pretty much told him that if he was going to be like this for the next three or four months, he was sleeping on the couch…because I don’t want to spend that long not sleeping because he’s not sleeping. I’m not living in last year, and he damn sure shouldn’t be either.


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