The end of the weekend

We took the kids to a birthday party at the skating rink today. It was fun, especially since I didn’t see much skating time at Monkey’s party there in February. The ‘party mom’ never does. I am probably going to be super sore tomorrow, because Diva refuses to skate on her own (even though she can, and very well for a 4 year old) and has to hold somebody’s hand the whole time. She would take a tumble, yanking my arm on her way down. I’m sure I’ll be feeling that in the morning.

Monkey started acting funny before we left to come home. At the time, I figured it was because he was the only boy there, and none of his buddies were there to skate with. When we got home, he was in tears saying that his head hurt really bad. JB only gave him one tylenol, because the kid does tend to over dramatize things and instantly feel better when he takes medicine or a friend comes over to play. I gave him the rest of the dose, because something didn’t seem usual about how he was acting. I convinced him to lay down in his dark room and try to rest in the quiet. JB and I were watching TV in the living room, and I heard a noise from the back of the house. JB muted the TV, and said it was probably just Diva playing in her room…but I knew it wasn’t her.

I opened the door to Monkey’s room and even though it was dark, I knew he’d gotten sick. He was sobbing because he’d not been able to make it to the bathroom. Now, in my line of work, I can handle most things that people throw my way. I’m not saying I like it, but it doesn’t really get to me. But I cannot handle somebody throwing up. My husband thankfully handles Puke Patrol in our family, because I literally can’t do it without getting sick myself. I managed to get him to the bathroom and got him cleaned up, and my husband got to work cleaning up the mess in his room. We are still washing things, as I write this.

I almost wonder if the kid might have had a migraine. After he got sick, within half an hour he felt much better. That’s sort of how mine started when I was a kid. I pray that’s not what it is, because I know firsthand how awful migraines can be.


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