Ooh, Flashy!

Yesterday afternoon, I became very, very sleepy. My mother-in-law was picking my kids up from school (Tuesday is “her day”), so I decided to take a nap. A two hour long nap, in fact.

So naturally, I was awake well after everyone else had gone to bed last night. I figured I’d stay up a while and read. After a while I noticed that I wasn’t seeing the words on the page all that clearly. I’m famous for not changing my contacts as often as I should, and I really thought at first that was the problem. A few minutes later, I realized it wasn’t just that the words weren’t clear…I couldn’t see them that well through the weird bright spots in the middle of my vision. Soon after I noted that, my head started hurting a little…not bad, but just enough that it was annoying. I sat there for a few minutes, with my eyes closed, waiting to see if the spots would go away. They didn’t.

I do have high blood pressure, but it has been well controlled on medication for two years now. The bright lights/spots thing has happened before, though I don’t remember it happening since I’ve been on the medication. I thought about checking my BP, but I couldn’t remember where I’d put my little machine. Eventually, I made my way to bed after taking some ibuprofen.

I started to get a little nervous after that. I’d close my eyes and there were still bright spots there. I’d open them, and the moonlight was coming into our windows enough that I was very aware that my peripheral vision wasn’t really there. One side of my head was pounding, but if I turned my head that direction it eased up a little. THEN I noticed my heart was skipping…which tends to happen sometimes when I am stressed out. I was very close to waking my husband up and telling him that something was wrong…I had not done that before that point because he hasn’t been sleeping well lately, and he was actually sleeping!

And then, about twenty minutes after the whole thing started, it was all over. My vision was fine, my heart was beating regularly again, my head still had a dull pain. It was all so weird. I stayed awake a bit longer, and finally fell asleep around 2 am.

Today, I woke up with a horrible headache…more like a migraine. It’s finally mostly gone now, but if all that crap last night was a type of aura then it needs to pass right on by me. I don’t like it one bit. I’ll go back to just having my light/sound sensitivity before a migraine, thank you.


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