Happy Spring

This morning, I got to go to my son’s school and have breakfast with him. Well, technically I had breakfast with a whole bunch of 2nd graders and their moms…since my son (and about 20 others) were performing in the Honors Chorus at the same time. It was so much fun watching him on the stage, and when they were finished singing, he came down to eat breakfast. I walked him down to his class afterwards, and then made my way through the confusing hallways to get the front of the school to leave.

An hour or so later, I met JB to get our taxes done. I was hoping for some good news when we got there, and Mr. Vish didn’t disappoint us. We left happy about the refund, not so happy that he is retiring and moving to Florida after this tax season 😦

JB and I then went out to lunch, where I got my usual. It’s sad when I don’t even have to open the menu, and my husband automatically knows what I want to order. I’m the most predictable person on the face of the planet. He then dragged me to a automotive shop (yeah, felt just a smidge out of place there) because he’d heard that they made the custom monogram stickers for car windows. I’ve been wanting one for a while, and he had finally made me sit down and figure out exactly what I wanted. It took all of 5 minutes for the guy to make it, after I asked for a couple changes to his original design. Now I just have to get all the pollen off my Jeep so I can put it on.

JB is going out tonight to hang out with some of his high school buddies. Not that he has seen or talked to the majority of these people in 15 years, but ever since he got on Facebook (which he originally made fun of me for — he said it was stupid — he’s either been found by them or he found them there. I don’t know any of those people, and we have a babysitter for tomorrow night, not tonight…so I told him he could go on without me. I plan on hanging out right here, watching movies with the kiddos.


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