Lovely start to the week

Ugh. I have GOT to stop this late afternoon napping thing. It’s pretty much just a vicious cycle…I don’t sleep well at night, which makes me feel exhausted by mid afternoon, and then I finally give in and take a much longer nap than I intend to (because really, who can nap for just 15 minutes?), and then once again, that night I am wide awake staring at the ceiling.

It happened again last night, only I was actually sleeping okay…until I started having a bad dream, and then that kept me up for a while after. It was less bad dream than a unwanted flashback, really, coming up on the anniversary of stupid. (yeah, I know that means absolutely nothing to nobody but me…and that’s okay, you don’t really want to know. I don’t really want to know, but well, I kinda have to.)

I got up long enough to get my daughter dressed for school, silently thank God that Monkey can get himself ready, trip over my red high heels in my daughter’s floor (huh? how’d those get there?), brush her teeth and hair, pop the water blister that was on Monkey’s ear, and send them out the door with JB. Then I went back to bed.

I didn’t think I’d manage to get back to sleep, but I did. Slept another 3 hours! Now I have a nasty little headache that feels like it’s trying oh so hard to become a migraine, and I can’t find anything in this dang house to take but tylenol (as someone who has had migraine headaches since the tender age of 13, I can say that tylenol does &*^% for me.) I know I’d packed the good stuff to take on our trip this weekend, but I can’t find it now.



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