What a day

Late yesterday, when I was at work, my mother called. Rarely is it ever good news when she calls me at work…that usually means something is wrong with one of my kidlets. Yesterday’s news was that something had apparently bitten my daughter on her chin…only she had no idea what it was.

My daughter swears up and down it was a dead ladybug. There simply is no talking her out of this. I have tried.

When I got home last night, after being assured by my husband that it looked ‘alright’, the first thing I did after seeing her was call the ped’s answering service. Her whole chin and half her bottom lip was swollen as all get out, very red, and the skin was hot and tight…kinda like there was fluid under there. She was bitten by a spider last summer, and subsequently ended up being treated for cellulitis on her leg around the bite. I really didn’t want to have to put her through that again, especially since the bite was right smack on her face. By the time I got a call back, some of the swelling had gone down…but I was asked to bring her in this morning anyway.

So bring her in I did. More arguing with the nurse that the ladybug bit her, but the ped is fairly sure it was probably a small spider that did the deed. He wanted to treat her anyway, because of last summer’s issues. Right at this moment, it looks like she had a really huge zit that she’s been messing with all day.

After leaving there, we headed for MY doctor’s appointment…dermatologist. I’ve been meaning to get in there for ages, to have some moles removed, I just always forgot to call for an appointment. (And no, they didn’t look bad, the doc even said so, I just wanted them gone.) My friend the office manager hooked me up with an appointment with the main doctor pretty quick (she usually stays booked up for weeks.) So two shots of lidocaine and removals later, we met up with my hubby for lunch.

Oh, wait a sec…in between leaving the Tipton Hotel (my daughter’s name for the doctor’s office building) and lunch there were 4 frantic phone calls from my parents jamming up my Blackberry JUST AS I was trying to open up the calender app to make my next appointment. They were wigging out because they couldn’t find me and there were tornado warnings in our county.

So after a trip to the pharmacy to get Diva’s meds (and my husband swearing that he’d hunt the ped down and hurt him if he’d put some Ora-Pred in there as a cruel joke) my daughter and I started out for home. It was still raining quite a bit, and less than 15 minutes from the pharmacy, the left windshield wiper of my Jeep went bananas. It flipped backwards somehow, and I am still not quite sure what happened. I turned the wipers off, and pulled off the highway to call JB, because I sure didn’t know how the hell to fix it. He told me to stay put and he’d find me. OMG it felt like forever before he got there, but that’s probably just because I really had to pee and Diva was starting to freak out on me. Oh, and my head was starting to literally pound. He fiddled with the wiper, hooked it back up, and off we went on our journey home. Five freaking minutes later, it flipped backwards again!!! I called JB to tell him, and when he tried to get me to go to an auto parts store and wait for him (which probably was the sensible thing to do) my pissy self hollered NO, I was about to pop and my head was hurting worse by the minute and my child was nearing hysterics in the backseat.

So I drove 20 more minutes with no wipers running, thanking my lucky starts that my husband could buy stock in Rain X…

Now Diva is napping. I’m about to join her.


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