Blah Blah Blah

I can feel myself slipping into something of a depressing mood this week. I’d like to snap out of it, really I would!

This crappy weather is really getting to me. It always does…the last time we had days and days of rain in a row (well, actually I think it might have been a couple weeks) I was seriously the mopiest, most depressing person around. I’m not an outdoorsy girl, anybody who knows me could attest to that…but dang, I have not had nearly enough sunshine this week. Maybe that’s my problem.

Other than the weather, it occurred to me yesterday that it was right about this time last year that I, well, flipped out and went totally off my rocker. That would be the elusive ‘anniversary of stupid’ that I rambled a smidge about a while back. Basically, I made huge mistake after huge mistake after huge mistake, and really just made a great big effin’ mess of just about everything that I possibly could. My stupidness really started early last year, and it just kept going. I can look back on that time of my life now, and I seriously cannot believe that was really me. But you know what…it wasn’t ME, not at all. I’m the most predictable girl ever, always have been, always will be…except for that ridiculous 8 month period of last year.

We live and we learn, I guess. I definitely learned what was important to me.


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