Can I start over?

Much of the events of this day so far have made me feel completely nauseated.

It was, once again, a relatively sleepless night for me. Partly me, because I just couldn’t fall asleep; partly JB, since I had to roll him to his side to quiet the snoring at least three times last night. So needless to say, I was less than thrilled to hear knocking at the bedroom door at the crack of dawn this morning. Okay, so it wasn’t really the crack of dawn, but it felt that way for me since I had JUST FALLEN ASLEEP.

So Diva jumped up in the bed, and proceeded to walk across to get right in the middle of us…only she stepped all over my leg and my foot. The foot was okay, but OMG the leg hurt like hell. Not the greatest way to start the morning.

JB was in a bit of a mood, I was in a bit of a mood, and two moods does not a lovely happy morning make. He took the kids to town with him to pick up some stuff, probably more just to get them out of the house, since they were cooped up with Migraine Mama all day yesterday. I got started on laundry and such.

A few hours later, he returned from a solo trip to town. He was acting VERY weird, and at first wouldn’t tell me why. I dragged him to the living room away from the kids and pretty much demanded he tell me what happened. I assumed, since I had thought he was going to his parents’ house to pick up some stuff, he’d gotten in an argument with one of them. WRONG. That’s all I’m going to say about that, other than the timing is just really, really strange…and somebody doesn’t belong here and would do well to just stay gone.

He’s calmed down now, and is happily outside working on his old truck (that once belonged to his grandfather.) I suggested going out for seafood tonight, just to get us out and about, and that seemed to help him some too. I’m determined to salvage this day somewhat…


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