Sibling Rivalry

I love and adore my two beautiful children. They are my whole world. I can barely remember what my life was like before they were in it. I feel like everything I have ever done and everything I do now is for them.

But if these little terrors don’t get their behinds back to school soon, this is one mama that is likely to lose her shit. As it is, I can feel the gray just seeping into my hair right.this.very.second.

They were out all last week for spring break. We aren’t usually the family that goes rushing off on trips for spring break…because 1) everybody else and their brother is already there, and 2) its difficult for me and my husband to both get time off this time of the year. So we plan trips later in the year.

Today, school was canceled because there are roads in the county that are still impassable and/or flooded from all the rain this past week. When I found that out last night, I wanted to seriously cry.

Every day I have had off from work since March 27, the kids have been with me. There were a couple days in there when I had to work and they went to daycare. And sure, I could have easily sent them to daycare the other days too, but we have to pay a ridiculous amount of extra money since they are out of school. I couldn’t see the point of doing that, and for a while they were getting along pretty well, so I said, “Hey, why don’t they just stay home with me and we’ll do all sorts of fun stuff.”

WTF was I thinking?? The kids apparently duped their gullible mommy into thinking they were nice siblings and would never try to kill each other like Mommy and her brother used to do. Let me just say that my brother and I were far from friends until the day I got married and moved out. I’m amazed that we made it out of childhood still alive; we ran over each other with go carts and 4 wheelers, knocked teeth out with swings forcefully pushed at the other’s face (I did that), slammed Louisville Sluggers into kneecaps (he did that), dumped bottles of nail polish in the other’s eyes (he did that), pushed the other out of trees (I did that), hung the little bugger from his underwear on the neighbor’s truck hitch (I did that). Oh, and there was so, so much more.

I have heard so much screaming and hollering and fighting and tattling today it just ain’t funny. This last time I pointed each kid to his/her own room and dared them to come out for an hour. At last there was peace…and that started making me nervous, so I went to check on what mayhem they might have quietly gotten into.

They had gone to sleep.

Blessed, beautiful sleep.


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