Sniff, hic

Ugh. Sick, sick, sick.

I woke up this morning with a horrendously sore throat and achy ears. Never a good sign. Luckily, work was slow enough that I was able to leave around 1:30 pm. I came straight home and started rifling through the medicine cabinet. Apparently, during my last cold I emptied it of all meds that could have helped me today. But I really didn’t feel like going to the store…so….

Out came the kids cold meds. Hey, when there’s nothing else to take, take a little extra of that stuff and it works just fine! Tonight, however, I will be partaking in the Nyquil that always does the trick for me.

The only other strange thing today is that I seem to be getting the hiccups a LOT. I got them at least ten times since I got home from work, and it would take ages to go away each time. After a while, that mess can get painful too. Damn, here they come again…

My hope for tomorrow (should I feel up to it) is to go get stuff for Easter. The kids have parties and I need to get plastic eggs and candy and all that crap. It would be nice if I could manage to find myself a new dress, too…


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