Kinda what I thought


The pediatrician thinks it is more than likely migraines.

I have been as careful as possible to not lead my son into telling us (or the doctor) what he is feeling. I was afraid that I would ask him questions related to migraine symptoms that I have, and he would just say yeah, I’m having that too, just because I said it. Everything he told the doctor today was his own words, about how he feels when he gets the headaches. I only added to it what I saw at the times in question, basically.

The ped said because he has such a strong family history for migraines (mostly ME, but also his grandmother and aunt…his father has even had a few.) he is pretty much certain that its what we are looking at. It wasn’t until I was in the office and looking at the calender while talking to the nurse that I really realized that the first headache was 6 weeks ago. So he’s had three potential migraines in six weeks. The doctor said that if they increased in frequency or the pain seemed to get worse, that we would then get a CT scan. The reasons he isn’t going ahead with a CT right now are 1) the family history of migraines; and 2) his physical eval today was perfectly fine.

So right now we are in a wait and see mode. We watch for signs of the headaches, try to figure out triggers, and hopefully get Monkey to learn to let us know when he feels one coming so we can treat it. That’s the tricky part, since he is a small 8 year old kid, there’s not much we can do at this point other than Tylenol/Advil. If its something that continues to bother him more, we get a CT scan, a neuro appointment, and look at preventative meds maybe.

Interestingly enough, as we were leaving the doctor’s office, we ran into the very person I have been wanting to talk to about this…a friend of ours whose 5 year old daughter has migraine headaches. She talked to me for a while, told me which neuro they see, and some of the things that triggered her problems. That was helpful! It was just so strange that I ran into her there, and at that very time!


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