Of all things, it had to be THAT.

I could say that I haven’t written anything in 4 days because our family was so very busy with Easter festivities. It would totally be true! Two egg hunts and two church services, visiting three families, and slipping in a trip to see Hannah Montana at the “big movies” with my daughter kept us pretty busy.

But there’s also been something weighing on my mind lately involving my son, and something I may have passed on to him through those lovely things we call genes. And its most definitely not something that I would ever wish for my children to have. Migraines.

I started having major headaches when I was probably around 12 years old. I didn’t know at the time what kind of headaches they were, and my parents weren’t the type to take me to the doctor unless I was puking organs (sorry!) or was practically on my deathbed with some illness they couldn’t treat on their own. (I did tend to get bronchitis once a year, and that was usually my doctor visit.) This might be one reason why I still don’t like to go to doctors for myself, because it wasn’t something I was used to doing. Anyway, I would get these headaches, and all I wanted to do was go to sleep in the darkest room possible. The light hurt my eyes, the sound hurt my head, all that jazz. I often felt nauseated when I had the headaches, and got sick a good bit because of it. But a lot of times, once that happened, the headache would ease up.

I distinctly remember many days coming home from school, scaring my brother half to death because he was sure I was going to OD on Advil one day trying to get rid of my headaches, and I would retreat to my room…shut the door, yank the curtains closed, and pull the covers over my head to try to sleep it away. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. If my parents ever contemplated thinking there was something wrong with me, they never mentioned it to me.

Fast forward to adult life. The worst that my headaches have ever been was when I was pregnant with my son. All the extra hormones and plus I was working night shift at the time, and there were many nights I wanted to beg my husband to take me to the emergency room because I just knew I was dying. Amazingly, I didn’t have too much problem with the headaches when I was pregnant with my daughter, but after having her they got pretty bad. It wasn’t until I was working at a doctor’s office when I was 26 that my doctor convinced me to try an actual migraine medication. Some trial and error and three different meds later, I found one that worked like a charm. I have also, after years of suffering with these headaches, pretty much figured out what triggers my migraines, and most of the time I can either avoid those triggers or knock the headache out before it gets too bad. And since having my surgery almost 3 years ago, I don’t get them nearly as much…unless the weather goes haywire like it has done here all month long. Barometric pressure gets me every freaking time. That trigger is not exactly something I can avoid.

Now onto Monkey. He’s gotten headaches before, but it was usually something that a little Tylenol made all better. But starting around the first of March, he got a doozy of a headache that reminded me all too much of one of my early migraines. He went a couple weeks with no problems, so I put it to the back of my mind…but now he’s had two similar headaches (with the nausea, but minus the major stomach upheaval) in the last week and a half, and its got me worried.

He’s only 8 years old! If this is migraine activity, what on earth can they give an 8 year old for it?? My migraine meds knock me on my butt most of the time. And then, what if it isn’t migraine, what if its something else entirely? That possibility scares the crap out of me. My husband is praying for eye strain causing headaches, because he knows what I have been through because of my migraines. He says he can handle putting the kid in glasses to make it better. Me personally, though…this sounds nothing like eye strain.

I have talked to some people whose kids have had migraines, but the kids were all much older than my son. So I’m really at a loss here. I’m taking him to his pediatrician this afternoon, and maybe we’ll be on track to get something figured out here.


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