My Surprise Party!

So, yesterday marked the 4th year that I have jokingly called myself 29 years old. Yeah, you can do the math…but don’t assume that I am 33 like my nephews tried to tell me on the phone yesterday afternoon! (If they are going to be saying the number, they might as well be using the correct one.)

My husband got up early yesterday to go get his haircut. I threw a small wrench in his plans by asking him to go to the pharmacy for me. They close at 12 pm on Saturdays, and when it started getting nearer to 11 am and he still wasn’t home, I texted him a reminder of the closing time. He sent one back saying that he was there and would be home soon. I wondered about the two hours for a haircut time frame, but didn’t mention it because the guy that cuts his hair is a good friend of ours and they tend to lose track of time while gabbing.

I pretty much spent much of the day doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I knew we were going out that night, because he had asked my parents to watch the kids. He was keeping quiet about what we were doing, so I just assumed he wanted to surprise me with where we went for dinner. Usually, that’s about all we do. As they day wore on, JB said he noticed I was starting to get kind of moody, so he scrapped his outdoor plans and spent the rest of the day inside with me. I didn’t realize it was that obvious, but today I can look back and see that I was…none of my family had called to tell me happy birthday (except for my nephews earlier in the day), and none of my best friends had called to say it either.

I started getting ready to go out around 4 pm, since he’d told me we were dropping the kids off at my parent’s house at 5:30 pm. Well, actually it was just Diva, since my son had gone off with my sister-in-law to another bog event. I gave my husband a strange look when he told me I could stay in the Jeep instead of walking inside with Diva, but I hadn’t talked to my parents ALL DAY so I was going in. I noticed something under a towel on the kitchen table, and I immediately thought, Hey, Birthday Presents! but nobody said anything. We left and started out for who knows where.

JB turned a different way than what I was expecting. That turned into the longest drive through back roads, loads of trees, and lots of watery ditches left over from all the rain. He went all the way to other side of our county, which is huge, into another county, and then into another county. All at the posted speed limit. The man never drives the posted speed limit. I was getting very tired of being in the Jeep and all the riding, and I’m sure I was letting it show a bit. He turned what is normally a 20 minute drive into almost an hour. During the drive we talked about how the trackball on his phone stopped working right, so when we passed by the phone store, he asked if I minded him stopping in there real quick. This pretty much lead me to believe that we didn’t have reservations anywhere.

He made me keep my eyes closed from there on out. When I was allowed to open them again, we had parked outside of Sunset. We walked in, and when I started going one direction inside, he led me another direction. I was about to ask why on earth we were going to the bar of all places, when I glanced through the glass door of the party room and saw my sister-in-law sitting at a table. I don’t think I had even really registered the fact that I was seeing her, and then I saw my friend’s head popping up from behind another table she was finishing up decorating. My husband pushed open the door, and there were a bunch of my friends (and their husbands), my in-laws, my brother and the aforementioned sister-in-law, and my parents and daughter were walking in with the cake and the big box I’d seen under the towel in their house earlier. My other sister-in-law was on her way with my son and nephews, running a little late because she’d had to get three boys cleaned up from the bog.

I was so shocked, they had all caught me completely off guard! A party was the LAST thing I was expecting, and now I know my family and friends are all very good secret keepers…not sure if that’s a good thing or not! They have been planning this thing for weeks and nobody ever let on to me about anything. I know now that there were a few near misses this past week, though…Wednesday, at lunch, two of my friends were talking about their plans for Saturday night and that one could spend the night at the other’s house that night. I came in on the end of the conversation, and just asked what was happening Saturday night. I didn’t know that my question almost caused panic attacks for my friends, but they played it off well and I never knew a thing. On Thursday, my best friend handed me her cell phone to finally put my new cell number in for her (she’s very non technical and had been looking it up every time she called me), and then apparently realized there was a reminder in there about my party and snatched it back from me to delete it, then handed it back. I was a little distracted at the time, so I never even wondered what she was doing. Come to find out, there was also a note on MIL’s fridge Sunday that was quickly yanked off when I walked in the room, too.

They all got me gifts; some gift cards to the mall (so I can get stuff for our upcoming beach trip), a coverup and a water fan (for our beach trip), some super cute stationary, one with a S monogram, a cute picture frame, a beaded bracelet (from my sis-in-law, with a promise of matching earrings and necklace…she makes them.), and my husband and kids got me a Vera Bradley Weekender (in Bali Gold), and the umbrella (also Bali Gold). I also got some money, which will probably also be used for the beach trip next month.

After the party, the kids left with my in-laws for the night, and we went to Gumbee’s with several of my friends for a while. It was fun, but I hate coming out of there…clothes always reek of cigarette smoke. Being a total non-smoker that is really the grossest thing to me, and I will probably end up washing the clothes we were wearing two or three times until I’m satisfied they no longer stink! I also have to figure out how to get the smell out of the fabric of my purse, I didn’t even think about that when I took it in with me. (it’s Vera Bradley Microfiber.)

All in all, it was a wonderful night and I had a wonderful time!

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Surprise Party


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