Its like a heat wave!

Well…as my son said a little while ago, it was another migraine day.

We took the kids to a friend of mine’s house for her daughter’s birthday party. She had it outdoors. Any other year, an outdoor birthday party in April would have been perfectly fine…however, we are apparently in the middle of a freakin’ heat wave and the last two days have seen temps over 90 degrees. So unlike the typical April.

Near the end of the party (as in, we were getting ready to leave soon anyway), my husband came up to me as I was holding my new baby friend’s baby and informed me that Monkey was saying he had another headache. This is the first one since Easter Sunday. It was a long drive home, because we kept having to pull over…he felt nauseated, but thankfully never got sick. As soon as we got home, I set him up with cool washcloths over his eyes, and a hospital bucket (just in case.) An hour later, he said he felt better. Everything I’ve read says that pediatric migraines usually don’t last as long as adult migraines do, and he seems to be proving that true.

Oh, when we walked back into our house, we were greeted with very hot air. Lovely…thermostat read 82 degrees. INSIDE. JB decided we needed a new air filter thingamabob so he set off for the man store to get one while I turned every blasted ceiling fan on as high as they would go. For the record, the thermostat was reading 84 degrees a couple hours later, and then we finally turned the AC off. The new filter, so far, hasn’t helped. But on the bright side, at least its APRIL when this is happening, and not JULY or AUGUST when the heat here is so bad its literally unbearable…


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