Today did not quite go as planned

I got up this morning, got the kids up and ready for school…I was in the process of fixing their breakfasts when the phone rang.

It was work. Things were a bit slow, and an extra nurse had come that wasn’t written on the schedule. She is just coming back from maternity leave, and she definitely needs hours more than I do at the moment. So they asked me if I wanted to stay home today, instead of coming in as planned at 11 am. I said that was fine with me, and I even asked if I needed to be on-call if things picked up. I was told no for the on call thing.

So after I got the kids to school, I got started on the laundry, got caught up on my shows on the DVR (Days, GG, House). Around 10 am, I was just about to head off to hop in the tanning bed, get a workout in, and then hit the shower. The phone rang.

I just assumed it was probably my husband. We had gotten into a bit of an argument on the phone early in the morning, so I figured he was just calling to talk. I broke my own rule and didn’t bother looking at the caller ID before answering the phone. Duh.

It was work. Things had apparently picked up, and they wanted to know if I could still come in. DAMN! I very seriously debated saying NO, and I busted her on telling me that I wasn’t on call yet calling me anyway. I knew if I didn’t go in, I’d sit around here all day and feel guilty that my girls were busy without me. So I got a quick shower, threw on my scrubs, and got there just a few minutes after 11 am.

If it was really busy, I sure couldn’t tell. Hmm. Oh well, I got 8 hours in. After dinner, I went to the tanning bed for a bit of fake baking…actually fell asleep while I was in there! Good thing it has auto shut off 🙂


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