Next time, I’ll handle that.

Last night, I finally sat down to download the pictures of Monkey’s chorus performance from my camera.

Ugh. Most of them are blurry, dark, and just not that great. I turned over control of the digital camera to my husband that night, so I could get video of the songs they sang. I guess maybe we should have traded jobs. I glanced over at him several times during the night, and had to tell him not to zoom in so far. Bless him, he was trying so hard to get close up shots of our son, but unfortunately, that little camera has a really crappy zoom and quickly goes from optical to digital zoom before you realize it…especially if you don’t use it all the time like I do. I was so frustrated when I looked through the pictures last night that I haven’t even watched the videos I got…but I’m pretty sure there’s at least one video with my voice in the background trying to explain to him that when he zooms in like that the pictures are grainy and just plain bad.

At the end of the performance, I took the camera from him and walked up to the stage to get pictures of him. They were a little better, but then I had other kids who see cameras and automatically stick their silly faces in. Literally. The best one I got of my son has a little girl who leaned in behind him at a funny angle and has the goofiest grin on her face.


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