The morning after

Yesterday, I went on a little shopping spree. As I mentioned before, I have a trip to the beach coming up (less than a week now!) and there was a lot of stuff that I needed to pick up before I go. Such as sunscreen…I do NOT intend to come home as a lobster like I did last year. Other little travel items needed to be bought as well.

Remember when I mentioned that I was stuck in such a weird size and trying to find clothes to fit right was pure torture? Well, its partly because I’m so short that a lot of adult women’s clothes don’t fit right. Yesterday, I ventured into the Juniors department, a place that I have not shopped in almost 9 years. It was quite by accident, really, that I ended up there. But I hit the motherload yesterday…

I came home with a skirt, a pair of dressy shorts, a cute top, and a little sweater. See, I have figured out the trick here…I just get the biggest size in Juniors and they fit, and I get the next to largest size in shirts, and they fit. Finally! Cute pants that don’t fit like freakin’ Mom Jeans. I am still weird about size numbers though, so to say that I am wearing XL sizes kinda bugs me…but then I can throw in that its a Junior size 😉 I also managed to find three more pairs of shorts (since every pair of shorts I own, except one, are flippin’ size 8s that are so tight I can’t breathe in them.)

I also picked up Mother’s Day gifts for my MIL and my mom. Couldn’t get out of Hallmark without getting some super cute monogrammed stuff for both me and Shan (who has a birthday this week, and we are ambushing her at the beach with the singing birthday hat.)

Also ticked off the to do list was a birthday gift for Diva’s friend. The party is today. I had to con my husband in to taking her, because it’s sounding like a really girly thing, but I was supposed to work today. Well, at 5 am, I got the call saying that I was on call today. So I’m hanging around a bit, hoping I don’t get called in so I can take her to the party myself. That will let hubby off the hook, as well as whichever grandmother was gonna have to watch our son while they were gone…he’d already refused to tag along because it was a girly party.


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