Friday morning, my husband dropped me off at my friend DM’s house. That was the meeting place for 5 of the 8 girls going on the beach trip. While he was there, he got roped into helping us packing up all of our stuff. I think he was amazed at all the Vera Bradley baggage that went into that Tahoe! We took off a little after 8:30 am. We kept having to slow down because BN was driving so slow behind us, and couldn’t keep up! We also had to make a few unscheduled pit stops along the way. We got to Destin around 1 pm.

We couldn’t check into the condo until after 3 pm. So we piled into Pompano Joe’s for lunch. After that, we hit the beach, and stayed out there for several hours. When we’d had enough sun it was to the condo for check in and showers, and then we all got dolled up for a night out. We had dinner at Rum Runners, and then it was the Village Door for lots of crowded, and slightly drunken, dancing. Three of us (including me) needed a break from the crowd and smoke and made our way to a park bench outside the club…at some point the rest of them found us there. I’m not sure what it is about a group of girls that makes totally random men just walk up and strike up idiotic conversations…we seem to attract those frequently. (Last year, our spot on the beach was invaded by a group of college boys from Texas, who seemed baffled that we were all in our 30s, married with kids. They would NOT freaking go away, either.) Anyway, these guys apparently thought we were having a bachelorette party. Not sure where they got that idea, but eventually we made our way out of there and headed for home.


The next morning, I went along with DM and LH to get some beach chairs. No sooner had we gotten back, all 8 of us took to the beach again, this time on what we thought was the part of the beach belonging to our condo. Once again, random men would wander up to us, this year it was two young guys (separately)…one who obviously was trying unsuccessfully to figure out what our plans were for the night, and one who thought he’d worm his way in to our little circle by asking for some sunscreen and a beer. Neither of their ploys worked, although we did give the one dude a little sunscreen. The rest of the random people were old guys. I do mean OLD. One was friendly enough, and we noticed he was pretty much making his way around the beach. The other old fogey just stood there for a minute looking at us, and when DM left her beach chair, he plopped down in it between me and LH, totally uninvited. We just looked at him, and then DM started asking him to get up. The old guy’s WIFE finally made her way over and practically yanked him out of the chair. I guess maybe she thought we had asked him to come over there, and was pissed off at us…because then all hell broke loose. She started going nuts and saying we were a couple feet over their condo’s property line (not that she had a clue where we were staying) and sent the little patrol guy to make us move. I guess she didn’t count on the fact that little patrol guy was all of about 18 years old and apparently had a crush on DM, so he wasn’t going to make us move. DM was good and mad by this point, though, and started moving some of our stuff to make us “officially” off the property line…which was all of about 2 feet. The whole thing was ridiculous.

We stayed another couple hours on the beach, and finally made our way back to the condo around 5 pm. Then it was showers, naps, and getting dolled up again for dinner. This time we went to the Crab Trap, but there was no partying afterward…instead we opted for our condo’s balcony with drinks and music the rest of the night. (we weren’t disturbing anybody, we’d already been told we were the only ones staying in that area of the building!) We saw all kinds of interesting drama out there on that balcony! We finally turned in sometime around 2 am.

Me, DM, and LH got up early Sunday morning to hit the road for home. I was so happy to see my husband and my babies!! The rain held off until the very moment we were trying to unload the Tahoe, so we were tossing stuff out and people were running to various vehicles with bags. I was exhausted when we got home, so I talked hubby into taking a nap with me on the couch 🙂

Both me and LH were supposed to work today. I was called off, but I’m on call. Not sure if LH is at work or not.


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