Moving right along.

I feel a little better after my last ranting post. We went to our daughter’s end of the year program at her school, and laughing at all the silly songs and dances they did put me in a better mood.

We did finally have it out this morning, and I let him know how I was feeling about the whole thing. I guess we’ll just see if things change from here. I think he was starting to think I was this numb, cold hearted creature who didn’t care about what happened before, after he heard me say that last year very rarely even crossed my mind anymore. I can’t honestly say that nothing about last year enters my mind…I mean, we came so close to getting divorced last summer it scares me to think about and remember it. But the majority of it? I guess I have blocked it out, because it doesn’t do me a bit of good to mull it over. I don’t see the point. People screw up, they make mistakes, and they learn from them. I’m no different. I just don’t appreciate having mine thrown in my face. Its high time to get over it.


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