Feel the burn, er, see the burn?


The place I work (for now, at least) is going to start using a new kind of IV pump in the next couple months. Supposedly they are smarter and prevent more errors. Well, that’s great, really it is.

Here is the problem I am having with this…

Naturally we have to be trained on how to use these new pumps. They throw these training sessions out there, make ’em mandatory and all that. Fine. I can deal with that…but the problem is, they want you to complete an online training session, print out the certificate proving that you did it, and bring it to the following classroom training. That is a pain, I would rather just do it all in the classroom, honestly…I don’t retain information just reading it. I have to mess around with something, put my hands on it to really get it figured out.

This particular training? I have the classroom stuff on Friday, and I have been told it is supposed to last 4 hours. Personally, I think that’s a little excessive to learn how to use something like this, but what do I know? But this online training is killing me. I have spent the majority of my day working on it, and have yet to really make a dent in it. Its taken me longer than the classroom training is scheduled for! I’ve had to take so many breaks because its so.painfully.repetitive and everything I’ve read just starts mashing up together in my head.



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