so tired of the ER

So I took a two hour nap late yesterday afternoon. I felt good after I woke up from that nap, but then I knew I was going to pay for it when I couldn’t go to sleep last night. And boy, did I ever…

I laid in the bed until somewhere around 1 am, then finally got up to take something to help me sleep. I played around on the computer until I started getting sleepy, and then headed back to bed around 1:45 am. Unfortunately, I still didn’t go to sleep. Sometime around 3 am, I was hit with the most horrendous, excruciating pain in my stomach ever (well, with the exception of pitocin induced labor.) I rolled over, laid on my back, my stomach, everything to try to make it stop. Nothing worked. It eventually eased up enough that I fell asleep. And then I woke up with the pain again around 5 am. I don’t know if it wasn’t quite as bad that time or if the sleep meds just really had me out of it, because I went back to sleep soon after.

Because of the rough night, I slept late this morning. I don’t know if any of it had kept my husband up or not, but he let me sleep. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I thought was that I felt fine. And then I got out of the bed…

Er…rather, I tried to get out of the bed. Almost hit the floor is what I actually succeeded in doing…the pain hit me all over again. I stumbled to the bathroom, hunched over like an old woman. All I wanted was the hot shower, Which really only slightly helped.

I managed to eat some cereal for breakfast, my husband watching me like a hawk the whole time because he’d already noticed me holding that part of my stomach (Did I mention it’s the lower right side?) several times. He finally made me tell him what was going on, during which time it finally hit me that I had this same exact pain in the same exact place two weeks ago, but since it hadn’t happened again I had forgotten about it. He argued with me for a solid hour because I didn’t want to go to the ER. The only reason he won that argument is because I got hit with some serious pain that wouldn’t go away…

So off to the ER we went. Yes, there were people there who remembered us from a couple weeks ago with our daughter, and I think they were hoping against all hope that she didn’t get her drama queen ways from me. They check me out, get an IV going, get some labs drawn, yada yada yada. Next thing I know, I’m being handed cup after cup of oral contrast for the CT scan. Everybody at this point is just sure its my appendix. After being hit with a wave of seemingly never ending pain that had me in tears and about to break my husband’s hand, I was inclined to agree with them. The doctor eventually made his way in again and asked if I wanted some toradol or morphine. Wow, that’s a pretty broad spectrum there…hmm, no pain and conscious, or no pain and loopy beyond all reason? I’ll take conscious for now, thanks, until you people tell me what’s wrong with me, then I’m all for the loopy until I feel better.

So I get the toradol, they wheel me around to get the CT scan done, during which I realize that I have an apparently very difficult time holding my breath for 15 seconds, how sad is that? And I also realized that I really, really, really don’t like the way IV contrast makes me feel. OMG. They wheel me back to the room, my pain is better thanks to the toradol, and JB and I begin the waiting game.

Finally, the doc comes in with a copy of the CT scan report. He says its fine. He says my labs aren’t all that crazy looking. Since I haven’t run any fever or apparently gotten extremely sick, it can’t really be my appendix, after all. I thought once you have fever and are really sick, the damn thing has already ruptured and by then you’re in a world of trouble. I read the report, and it says that they couldn’t see my appendix. Um, I know it’s there somewhere, never had it removed before. The doctor seemed to be trying to make me think it might be a cyst on my ovary that was causing all my pain.

Whoa. Back up just one second. I have been plagued by ovarian cysts for 8 years now, ever since my son was born. If anybody should know what they feel like, it would be ME. I have always known when I have one, and I always know when they rupture. Mine have never been the type to give me any more problems than that, it’s blinding pain over my entire stomach for a couple hours after they rupture, and then its like instant relief. It’s not stabbing pain in the same place for over 12 hours! The only time I have ever not been sure about a cyst was when I got one after my hyst., and that was because the pain was more in my back that it had been before. Not the lower right side of my stomach.

So basically, I still don’t know for sure what’s causing all this pain. I am still in pain, same spot. The toradol has long since worn off, but I’m trying to hold off on taking the pain meds he gave me until JB gets home (he went to the grocery store, since I can’t right now.) I’m guessing I’ll miss work tomorrow, and try to get into see my doctor, let him rule out cyst, and go from there.

Something’s not right, I know that much.


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