the week so far

So it’s been a busy few days…

After my visit to the ER Sunday, I have felt fine. Interestingly enough, I have since talked to two people who had strangely similar symptoms, that all turned out to be nothing. Hm. Odd.

I went back to work Tuesday. Made it through about half the day when I got a call from the daycare (during the busiest part of the day) saying that the Boy was running a 102 fever and somebody needed to come pick him up. Of course! I’m at work, JB was four hours away…that’s how it always happens. So an hour later, my relief finally came in, and I took off to get my little boy.

Before leaving, I tried to call the pediatrician to get him an appointment to be seen that afternoon. Regular doctor was out of town, and fill in doctor apparently couldn’t see him. That baffled me because it wasn’t like I was calling an hour before they closed, they still had five hours of office time left! I was so pissed by the time I hung up the phone. I turned right around and called a back line to get to one of the nurses…who informed me that the fill in doctor was actually leaving the office in about an hour, that was why he couldn’t see my son. Well, if the receptionist had told me THAT, I might not have gone off on her.

So my only option was to take him home, try to break his fever the best I could. It took several hours, but it finally broke. I could tell he felt so bad. I took him to see a different fill in doctor Wednesday morning, and the verdict was that he had mild strep. So we got him some antibiotics and headed for home to get started on them. He started running a low fever again that afternoon, but it broke much quicker, and he’s been great for the last two days.

That afternoon, I left him with his dad long enough for me to go to the dermatologist. I would have just canceled, but this appointment had already been rescheduled once and it was hard to get an appointment with this doctor. So now instead of the little mole on the back of my neck, there is now a shallow pink crater. Its probably going to leave more of a scar than I thought, but I’ll live with it.

I was able to get a full day of work in yesterday…only full day this week! Imagine that.


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